New white car flies for Israel in a cool new commercial for an insurance company. Skydiving cinematography for commercials, aerial cinematography. 
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Insurance Ad - Israel  

Ever met skysurfer, Galit Tshuva?  Unless you jump at Perris Valley or Skydive AZ, probably not; but most likely you'll see her work.  And if you ever travel to Israel, count on seeing her work in television commercials throughout the region.  Galit is up and coming in the production community and she's into extreme sports.  A very good combination. 

Our first ad together was for an insurance company in Israel with a very clever idea.   A guy suddenly finds himself in freefall inside of his car.  His insurance salesman from the hero company chases after him on a skysurf board, knocks on the door of the car, and hops in.  They talk a bit and then a beautiful white parachute opens, with the company's logo, to save the car from impending doom.
car6.JPG (6235 bytes)        chute.JPG (6318 bytes) Car's POV of open parachute

In reality, we were handed a tricky task.  All of the aerial scenes were shot with one car.  We first dumped it from the skyvan at Skydive AZ with a static line to the large round parachute provided by Gary Durice and Freeflight.  It landed perfectly wheels to earth under the parachute.  No damage.  The second drop was the same and we had plenty of good shots of the car and of the canopy and logo.  On the third drop, we sent the car flying from 11,000' with nothing attached.   It was doomed from the moment it left the door.  It flew all over the sky and proved to be a slippery target.  Average fall rate was around 175mph as it tumbled and twisted all the way to impact. 

Further rigging was performed by Kevin McGuire, Sean Hill, and the aircraft maintenance staff at Skydive AZ.  They're work was perfect and I'd bet that car had more jumps than any car in the world before it bounced.  A very successful shoot.  Thanks to Eric Bangle and Carl Nespoli.  you must eat meat, cause.........!  :-)~

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