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Custom Video Productions:   EAST COAST - New Jersey based video and film production company.  Full service production and editing facility.  Off line, On line, Non-linear Editing.   Concept to completion...
Custom Video Productions:   WEST COAST - Redondo Beach based video and film production company.  Full service production and editing facility.  Off line, On line, Non-linear Editing, DVD replication.  Concept to completion...
WEBSITES ABOUT STUNTS: Vic Armstrong was the second unit director and stunt coordinator on Charlie's Angels, just one of his many movies. Great training place for kids 9yrs and up. Thrillseekers Unlimited Site Rich Hopkins Stunt & Extreme Sports Coordinator Stuntman / Extreme Athlete / Actor S.A.G. / A.F.T.R.A.
Sir Carl Nespoli: Stunt man!!
Troy HartmanTroy's work as an actor and skydiver is featured in a wide variety of commercials including the famous Pepsi "Goose" ad that was voted #1 among Super Bowl ads in '98.
Greg GassonA two time World Champion in freestyle, greg brings innovation to skydiving.  He is a master rigger and spectacular stunt man.  Greg is the only person in the world leave an airplane, freefall, and deploy his parachute while holding (not wearing) his rig.  He is also the only person in the world to climb out of his rig thousands of feet above the ground to hang by one hand or by his feet.
Wolfe AirGyro stabilized camera operation with 35mm, 16mm, and video.  Shooting aircraft include a leer jet, helicopters, and prop airplanes fully equipped for aerial cinematography. Check this guys website out - very cool stuff!!

Skydive Arizona - Eloy, Arizona  Skydive AZ is the largest competitive training site in the world, not to mention a great place to drop cars, other junk, or a skysurfer and a goose.  Skydive AZ features a wide variety of excellent jump planes, year around good weather, and great skydiving facilities.  A desert location where you can drop just about anything.
Skydive Lake Elsinore  -  Elsinore, California:   Just over an hour from downtown Los Angeles, Skydive Elsinore is a great location.  The airport is located just next to the lake, and close to scenic mountains and textured hillsides.  Expect year around good weather, and excellent aircraft and facilities.
Perris Valley Skydiving  -  Perris Valley, California:  Just over an hour from downtown Los Angeles, Perris Valley is a great location.  The land surrounding the airport is mostly farm land, and in the distant horizon, there are snow capped mountains.  Perris is Southern California's largest dropzone.  The aircraft and facilities are excellent.
great skydiving facilities.  A desert location where you can drop just about anything.
Skydiving in the UK  -,
Mile-Hi Skydiving Center - Longmont, Colorado: 25 miles from the Denver Metro area makes Mile-Hi a great location. The airport is a few miles from the mountains providing a awesome view of the Rocky Mountains. Mile-Hi is the largest dropzone in Colorado and the entire Rocky Mountain region. The aircraft and facilities are excellent. ChicagoLand Skydiving Center Carmi IL Just in case you want to make a skydive in Vegas skydiVe adVenture. sinGapore
Skydive Capetown - Africa - A stunning DZ I promise!
Jim Wallace Skydiving: Where to go when you want to learn how to skydive... Not to mention, Jim wallace, an excellent all around skydiving and aerial stunt coordinator who I work with regularly.
Atlanta Skydiving Center Atlanta's premier Skydiving Center for 1st time and experienced jumpers alike! This dropzone is supported with: 2 story 9,000 square ft building, wall to wall padded carpeting, heated & air-conditioned, team rooms, coaching, climate controlled creeping pad, swoop pond, 2 story observation deck, restaurant, 2 full-time turbine aircraft, bunk house and more!
Alabama Skydiving Center This is Alabama's best kept secret! Come out and enjoy the fun, with some good old southern hospitality. Great people with a great Vibe! Fun website, the parachutes chase you around.
Biggest European Plane:   - jump plane club . com is the site for the club with the largest jump aircraft in Europe.  Check it out!
Skydive Virginia:   Skydive Virginia!, Inc. Most active skydiving center in Virginia. Drop zone owned King Air B-90 and two C-182s. Open year round with main season extending from March - November.
Skydive Chicago:   Home of the world record for large formation skydiving!   Not to mention, a great DZ.
Skydive Orange:   Skydive in Virginia! Virginia's fastest climbing Twin Otter, most open landing area around, camping in and around hanger- We take fun seriously!
Skydive Atlanta:   Atlanta's oldest and most experienced drop zone. 
Above the Poconos Skydivers:  World class skydiving training center with a friendly, family atmosphere.  Run by Don Kellner, the man verified by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most jumps of anyone in the world.
SkyDance SkyDiving   Dan O'Brien's drop zone up in Davis, CA.  Very scenic.
Skydive-Orlando Tourist Information Bureau When you complete a first jump course at our dropzone, whether it's solo or AFF, you know that YOU made your own skydive!
Skydiving Jumps Near Disney Solo training provides a "low-pressure/low-stress/low-cost" introduction to skydiving with all the benefits of a superior learning experience.
Discount Hotels Kissimmee.Com You Will Find some of the best rates than on offer lower discount hotel rates for Kissimmee area than,,, and other .coms + we are local!!
Southern Comfort Skydiving A terrific place to skydive in North Carolina

California Extreme Sports: This site is awesome - all about Extreme Sports including coming features about skydiving great all around extreme sports website.
Adventures in WILD CALIFORNIA - the movie:  IMAX - around California / Extreme Sports - skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, nature, BIG - see it!!   Fun site with tee shirts for sale and lots of links.

SKYDIVING EQUIPMENT:   Lots of cool things you can buy online, including my tape!
Performance DesignsLeaders in Parachute technology, PD is the largest manufacturer of parachutes in the world.  PD provides the motion picture industry with custom parachutes, and if needed, custom embroidered logos.  Their FREE FOR ALL is one of the coolest events going.  Check the schedule.
Sun Path ProductsCreators of the Javelin, the best parachute container system on the market today.  Custom colors available for motion picture projects.
Brookfield Store: - The Brookfield Store is loaded with Skydiving Photographs as well as Books on How to Skydive, Learning to become a Parachute Rigger, Freefall Relative Work, books on Parachute Design and Maintenance, and Skydiving Multimedia. We also carry a wide variety of Skydiving Accessories including Clothing, T-shirts, Polos, Fleece Wear, Outerwear and Skydiving Helmets. Let the Brookfield Store be your one stop shop for exceptional service on Skydiving related gifts, clothing and information.
TS Skyboards:  Tom stanton makes sweet skysurf boards for champions around the world.
Basic ResearchParachute rigging for skydiving and B.A.S.E. jumping productions.  Manufacturers of the Reactor B.A.S.E. rig and the FOX parachute for B.A.S.E. jumping.  The owners, Todd Shoebothem and Anne Helliwell are expert B.A.S.E. jumpers, and their parachute rigging is on the cutting edge of technology. 
Sky Systems LTD:   Everything you need in skydiving accessories.

ONLINE MAGAZINES AND INFORMATION:   Cool skydiving site, very cool domain! Chicagoland Skydiving - very cool place to jump, very cool domain!
Poop Sheet a good online newsletter.   One stop information site that covers all aspects of aerial cinematography from planes, helicopters, and my helmet!
Rec. Skydiving newsgroupPosted on   Very cool website posted in English and German.  Up to date articles, great links, good skydiving resource.   Up to date articles, quality skydiving images, a fun skydiving website to visit.
Air Trash:  Air Trash Skydiving Home Page   Cool site with lots of links to skydiving stuff.
Parachute Safety and Regulatory Information:  We have consolidated a one-stop location for online FAA Airworthiness Directives (AD's), Parachute Rigger Test Information, and a host of other Parachute Safety and Regulatory Information. We have online links for submittal of Malfunction and Defect Reports, Aircraft Certification Information, Flight Standards Information, as well as other regulatory information associated with Parachutes and Skydiving."
The Enclave, A Complete Skydiving Index, Free Skydiving Classified Ads "Drop In"
Dog Reporter: This dog shows up at the Extreme Games and interviews me for this cool book that's just come out.......
United States Parachute AssociationThe USPA is the governing body for parachuting activities.  USPA represents the interest of parachutists throughout the US and abroad.  Publishes "Parachutist", an informative and very cool skydiving magazine.

PEOPLE AND MISC. LINKS Regine Thiele - her work with graphic design is spectacular!
Mercury GrafixAdam Buckner sets up websites for Square One, Go Fast, and more.
Jack Jennings - My dadCall it a genetic link, our enthusiasm for capturing images.
POSX info:  Check out some awesome skysurfing and wingsuit flight with Oliver Furrer
SkyAds:   Robert Scott - Tows some big azz banners, not to mention, flies with skydivers!!
Eric BangleWebsite design, animations, everything computer.  Made this site, can make yours.   Awesome site with very cool images in skysurfing... built by Brian Rogers
Dave BarliaSkysurfing, B.A.S.E. jumping, Bungee jumping, Helmet camera B.A.S.E. jumper.  Dave's work is featured in Mountain Dew commercials, television specials, and other commercials.  One of his more recent projects was a snowboard B.A.S.E. jump from a 3,000' cliff in Norway.
Brent FinleyOne of my favorite skydiving photographers...  Check out his photo gallery.
Skysurfing site:   Brian Rogers and crew set up this site to present current skysurfing trends and some really cool photos.
Jones ProductionsLittle Rock Arkansas.  Owned and operated by Gary Jones, director and DP in all formats of video and motion picture film, including IMAX.  Producers of regional and national commercials including Blue Cross.
Arizona AirspeedThe World Champions in relative work formation skydiving.  Four person and eight person teams.
Wireless Video Cameras: If you're interested in transmitting a AV signal, talk to Monte. He'll take good care of you.
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