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Before taking up film, I spent five years in the competitive arena flying camera for some of the most talented skydivers in the world, athletes who dedicated thousands of jumps to their craft, and went on to become world champions.

When I started filming, it made sense to work with skydivers who'd trained for the pressures of competition. I felt they were better prepared to handle the variables and challenges that come with production work. And their flying abilities added greatly to the value of my work.

This perspective didn't settle well with my friends in the stunt community. I was pulling new skydivers into the pool of available talent, and often bypassing SAG skydivers who may have been qualified to handle the work.

They understood, though, that I came straight out of the X Games into the motion picture industry. Before that I'd never worked as a stunt player. Naturally, my approach to filming was, and continues to be, a reflection of my experiences in competitive skydiving.

Skydiving is a lot like surfing, skiing, or cycling. How well an athlete performs, depends largely on his or her training

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