Skydiving stunts, skysurfing over Switzerland, troy hartman, tanya garcia, aerial stunts, freefall cinematography, aerial cameras.

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Tanya Garcia Tracks in Mountain Dew commercial
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Troy Hartman tracks to Tanya

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Lets just be friends
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  Location Switzerland

Troy Hartman, Tanya Garcia, Todd Shoebothem, Anne Helliwell, Dave Barlia, Will Ox, Marta, and I packed our bags and headed to Switzerland to film in  Lauterbrunen, in the Swiss Alps.  The location is breathtaking, almost otherworldly.  Huge snow covered mountains and cliffs surround the green valley where we performed aerial, and BASE / aerial stunts for the Mountain Dew commercial where two "lovers" snowboard off cliffs and meet in freefall.   The guy pulls out a Mountain Dew and two straws.  The girl pulls his ripcord and keeps the Dew.  Directed by Kinka Usher for BBDO, NY.