Letter from Patrick:

Hey buddy,
I am also so glad to walk around again here, it's a weird experience, all
can happen in few secs, I had the same, tandemmaster gripped me by my rig to
him and bang, we were on the ground, dust everywhere, first looking for the
exit and out, look for fire, no fire, back in to take an disabled guy in a
wheel chair, who wanted to do a tandemjump, I was filming him, to take him
out of that plane was supermans work, this guy weight over 220 pounds and is
lose weight, no legs working, you know? But with some screaming and hard
work he was out in no time, then the tandemmmaster was stuck with his feet
under the plain, I started graving with a peace of plastic around his feet,
another guy was stuck with his arm under the plain, then a few Thai farmers
came to help and we lifted the plain and everybody brought to a safe place.
WAW, what a day. I am glad everybody came out with miner injuries. I have
maby a job in March in CA, I'll let you know when it's confirmed, I love to
do tandems.
See ya, Patrick


There's a more in depth article about this incident posted at: