Joe Jennings
Skydiving Cameraman
Freefall Cinematography in 35mm, 16mm, IMAX

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My work
I skydive with motion picture cameras for films, television, and commercials. I also help my clients coordinate skydivers, aircraft, and locations (see online demo reel).

Competitive Experience
I believe my most valuable asset is the ability to fly the camera aggressively and safely. Most of my 6000 sky dives were dedicated to training as a camera flyer for skysurfing meets where the camera flyer's performance is scored along with the skysurfer's score. My partner, Rob Harris, was by far the greatest skysurfer in the world. I trained hard with him and we won a number of world championship and Extreme Games titles (resume). During that time I learned to fly in 3D while maintaining a smooth and well framed image.

Skydiving Stunts
To film any action sport, like surfing, skiing, or motocross, its best to find trained athletes who have the skills required to safely perform the action. In skydiving, I've found the same to be true, and my work is only as good as the skydivers I film.

So I fly with a team of terrific skydivers, men and women who have won world championship titles in a variety of disciplines, who are comfortable in flight, handle pressure well, and gracefully perform even the most difficult maneuvers.

We love our work, and would like to help bring your story-boards to life.

Contact: Joe Jennings
310 543-2222

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