Joe Jennings
Skydiving Cameraman
Freefall Cinematography in 35mm, 16mm, IMAX

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside?
The picture above is the artwork that will go onto the back cover of the next batch of DVDS. The stunts listed on the top left and top right are the main features. There is also a lot of miscellaneous skydiving.

Where was it filmed?
Good Stuff was an expedition around the world. We filmed all over Europe and the US, and also South America, the Arctic Circle, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Who's in it?
Hundreds of skydivers including some of the most talented skydivers and skysurfers in the world. There is more information about the people featured in Good Stuff posted as articles from expeditions and so on.

What do people think of it?
So far the feedback is excellent. Here are some comments sent by email.

Will it play in my region?
It should play with no problems anywhere in the world. The DVD is NTSC, but it is region 0 which is non-restricted.

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$19.95 plus $8 Shipping

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